September 26, 2023


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Your Horoscope for 2023: Where to Travel Next Year, According to Your Sign

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Your Horoscope for 2023: Where to Travel Next Year, According to Your Sign

We love to look to our astrological charts when it comes to travel planning, and the stars align on a few themes in every sign’s horoscope for 2023: It’s going to be an exciting year for travel, with all signs seeing some form of revived hope, invitations to create new patterns, and heightened interests in exploring new ways of living. What better than a well-planned trip to embody all of the above?

As you look ahead at how—and why—you plan to travel in 2023 based on your zodiac sign, it may be hard to decide which destination is best suited to you and the astrological weather to come. We have good news. Pulling from Condé Nast Traveler‘s list of The Best Places to Go in 2023, we’ve selected the ideal destination for each sign’s wants, desires, and cravings in the year ahead. From an adventure on the water for Pisces, to a bustling city for Leo, we share the best places to go in 2023 according to your sign—plus, when to travel (and even the best time to make your bookings).

Below, where to go based on your horoscope for 2023. 

[Astrologer’s note: For the most comprehensive result, read the answer for both your sun sign (the sign determined by your birthday), and your rising, or ascendant, sign (determined using your birth time and location; you can quickly find your rising sign online here in less than 30 seconds).]

For Aries, an extremely curious traveler who loves trying new things, Kenya has plenty to offer. 

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Aries: Kenya

You’re always ready for a true adventure, and you’re willing to travel great lengths for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Culture shock never really seems to shake you much, as you truly enjoy immersing yourself in new places. When exploring, you’re also extremely curious, you want to learn as much as possible, and you love trying new things. It should be no surprise, then, that Kenya is the perfect travel destination for you in 2023. It has it a little bit of everything: dazzling city hotspots, beautiful island stays, incredible and unique restaurants, and of course, safari. 

giraffes and people outside of manor house
These Unexpected Kenya Destinations Have Wildlife Encounters Without Any of the Crowds

Here’s where to go when everyone else is at Giraffe Manor.

Let’s talk timing. The first half of the year is an exciting time for you as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, faith, and opportunity, will be in Aries until May 16, which brings travel and the expansion of horizons straight to the forefront of your desires and experiences. 

If you’ve been nursing a travel bug all winter and you’re ready to start planning, you may want to wait until the Mars, Mercury, and Uranus retrogrades end (January 12, 18, and 22, respectively) as all three planets’ have a hand in any travel spending or planning you do. When planets are direct, you’re less likely to make choices you’ll later want to change. Take a green light to move forward with plans from late January onward.

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