September 22, 2023


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TikTok’s ‘Edward’ trend inspires viral Starbucks coffee order

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What The Frapp? 

Dripping in extra whipped cream, caramel syrup drizzle, pumps of cinnamon dulce and honey, five bananas and more — this sticky, tricky Starbucks order has social media percolating. 

And the TikTok trend that inspired the messy mix is enough to make even the most seasoned barista need a post-shift drink. 

Josie, a Starbucks employee, took to Twitter over the weekend, venting about the complicated Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino that a customer named Edward had ordered. 

“On [today’s] episode of why I wanna quit my job,” the coffee craftsman complained in a now-viral tweet Saturday. 

Starbucks employee, Josie, goes viral after venting about customer's TikTok-inspired coffee order on Twitter.
Starbucks employee Josie went viral after venting about a customer’s TikTok-inspired coffee order on Twitter.

His digital grievance was accompanied by a snapshot of “Edward’s double blended” drink and the 13 sweetly specific ingredients it commanded — a recipe that evidently peeved Josie.  

But Edward’s busy Starbucks beverage is just one of the many that have been inspired by a new TikTok trend, which encourages coffee lovers to get outlandishly creative with their orders. 

Under the hashtag #Starbucks, imaginative content creators are sharing hundreds of customized drinks from the café chain’s unofficial “secret menu” that their followers and fellow patrons can purchase. 

The good news is: Coffee fiends are finding funky ways to jazz up their java. 

The bad news is: Baristas abhor making these elaborate, time-consuming treats. 

“This order comes in every other week,” a fellow Starbucks staffer tweeted, empathizing with Josie via a picture of a Green Tea Creme Frappuccino with 29 supplementary specifications.    

“I raise you this,” another coffee maker carped alongside a flick of a Caffè Misto with over 30 additional demands. 

And customers who are waiting behind the “Edwards” of the world aren’t fond of the TikTok coffee craze either. 

“I was behind a woman who had an order that ridiculous and insisted it be heated to 37 degrees celsius ..’not 36, not 38–I will KNOW the difference,’ ” one patron said in response to Josie’s tweet. 

“The Starbucks employee asked for her name..her reply ‘Sexy Vivacious,’” she lamented, adding the eye-rolling emoji for emphasis. 

So far, Josie is taking the newfound Twitter fame in stride. But the loyal barista just hopes he doesn’t get fired for spilling the beans about Starbucks’ overly crafty clientele. 

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