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This Map Shows Americans’ Favorite Super Bowl Dips By State

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This Map Shows Americans’ Favorite Super Bowl Dips By State

No matter who you’re rooting for, we can all agree that dips are the true stars of the Super Bowl. From spicy, blue cheese-packed bowls of Buffalo chicken dip to the colorful stripes of a 7-layer dip, there are limitless ways to prepare this classic. And now, with the help of recently released Google Trends data, you can see what the most-searched dips are in your state.

The map shows uniquely searched game-day dips by state in the past week. Google Trends defines “uniquely searched” as dips that were overrepresented in a region compared to the rest of the country. It’s also color-coded by dip types, so you can easily see trends across the country.

Nearly every corner of the United States features dips inspired by popular dishes. From taco and chicken enchilada to jalapeño popper and pepperoni pizza, this map proves that you can transform nearly any food into a dip. You can even dip-ify hoagies, which for some reason is the most searched dip in the state of Maryland.


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Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Buffalo chicken dip was the most searched recipe in a whopping 13 states—but shockingly, not in New York, where the wings originated.

Two vegetable dips reigned supreme: spinach and artichoke. The leafy green barely edged out artichoke for the top spot. New York State upped the ante by combining the two for a veggie-packed dip. If you want to incorporate more spinach and artichoke in your Super Bowl spread, may we suggest making this pull-apart football?

It’s safe to say that the majority of these recipes feature cheese. For 10 states, however, cheese takes center stage in their most popular dips. Queso dip is a leading recipe in Maine, Oregon, and North Dakota. In Iowa and Illinois, their cheese gets amped up with a kick of chili. And in Alabama, the most searched dip combines cheese with sweet and spicy pepper jelly.

We also found a few wild cards—and most of them being dessert. Like, what even is fruit dip, West Virginia?! We have the same question for Georgia, whose top-searched recipe is the vaguely titled “dessert dip.” And don’t even get us started on Montana’s no-bake peanut butter dip.

Now, what’s your state’s favorite game day dip? We recommend dunking, scooping, and spreading your way through all of these recipes at your Super Bowl watch party.

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