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The Most Popular Coffee Drink in Every State, Explained

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The Most Popular Coffee Drink in Every State, Explained

Iced coffees, cold brews and coffee pods rank highest among for American’s java drinkers

We are a nation that needs its coffee, consuming over 3 billion pounds of java per year. But how we take our daily cup of joe, from strong and black to sweet and milky, varies widely across the United States.

In fact, the homeware and ceramics brand Denby recently set out to answer what types of coffee were most popular in each state. Denby based its rankings on Google Trends data on internet searches over five years from 2017 to 2022.

Their findings are fascinating. Searches for “coffee” in general were most popular in Hawaii, one of the only coffee-growing states (though oddly a state that favors instant coffee). Hawaii was followed closely behind by Montana and Oregon. Beyond that, coffee preferences were (literally) all over the map.

What’s the most popular type of coffee by state?

Map Of Most Popular Coffee Type In Every State – Denby UsCourtesy Denby

Perhaps surprisingly, coffee drinkers across America are big fans of chilled coffee. Iced coffee was the most searched in 28 states in total—a landslide victory—while another eight states favored cold brew, including Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Alaska. What makes cold brew more popular in the West? Hard to say.

Even more surprising than chilled coffee, seven states favored decaf, including California and New York, Michigan and Virginia. Meanwhile, the mountain states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah all favored straight black coffee. Minnesota seems to be a complete outlier, with latte being the most popular.

Here’s the full line-up:

  • Alabama: Iced coffee
  • Alaska: Cold brew
  • Arizona: Black coffee and cold brew
  • Arkansas: Iced coffee
  • California: Decaf
  • Colorado: Cold brew
  • Connecticut: Iced coffee
  • Delaware: Iced coffee
  • Florida: Cappuccino
  • Georgia: Iced coffee
  • Hawaii: Cold brew
  • Idaho: Black coffee
  • Illinois: Iced coffee
  • Indiana: Iced coffee
  • Iowa: Iced coffee
  • Kansas: Cappuccino and iced coffee
  • Kentucky: Iced coffee
  • Louisiana: Iced coffee
  • Maine: Iced coffee
  • Maryland: Decaf
  • Massachusetts: Iced coffee
  • Michigan: Decaf
  • Minnesota: Latte
  • Mississippi: Cappuccino
  • Missouri: Iced coffee
  • Montana: Black coffee
  • Nebraska: Iced coffee
  • Nevada: Cold brew
  • New Hampshire: Decaf and iced coffee
  • New Jersey: Iced coffee
  • New Mexico: Decaf
  • New York: Cappuccino and decaf
  • North Carolina: Iced coffee
  • North Dakota: Iced coffee
  • Ohio: Iced coffee
  • Oklahoma: Cappuccino
  • Oregon: Cold brew
  • Pennsylvania: Iced coffee
  • Rhode Island: Iced coffee
  • South Carolina: Iced coffee
  • South Dakota: Iced coffee
  • Tennessee: Iced coffee
  • Texas: Iced coffee
  • Utah: Black coffee
  • Vermont: Cold brew
  • Virginia: Decaf
  • Washington: Cold brew
  • Washington D.C.: Cappuccino
  • West Virginia: Iced coffee
  • Wisconsin: Iced coffee
  • Wyoming: Black coffee

What’s the most popular coffee brewing method by state?

Map Of Most Popular Coffee Brewing Method In Every StateCourtesy Denby

Type of coffee is one thing. But how are Americans making their iced coffees, cold brews and decaf? Denby looked into those numbers, too.

Most of the country seems agree on brewing methods. Almost 80 percent of Americans turn to a coffee machine to make their favorite cup. Of all the brewing methods, searches for “coffee pods” were most popular in 40 states. If you haven’t jumped on the singe-serve coffee maker bandwagon, it seems now is the time to join.

Meanwhile, slow-and-steady filter coffee was the second most popular, particularly popular in New England states such as Maine and Vermont, D.C. and Utah. French press is a favorite of Colorado, Oregon and Alaska. Espresso is the most popular in Washington state, home of Starbucks.

Then there are the outliers. Moka pots were relatively unpopular across the country, except in Wisconsin, where it was the most searched brewing method. Similarly, cowboy coffee—coffee beans brewed straight in boiling water—was very unpopular in every state except Wyoming, the Cowboy State. The only place where trendy pour-over coffee ranked highest was Maryland.

Do you agree with your state’s favorite drinks and brewing methods? How do you take your coffee?

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