September 25, 2023


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The best bean to cup coffee machines you can buy

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In our test, we liked how easy the display was to use and how the coffee dispenser could be raised and lowered easily to suit the coffee cup size. There’s also a lever to adjust the grinding fineness of your bean so you can ramp up the flavour and strength as you see fit. There’s also a button to choose the bean strength depending on how much of a caffeine kick you’re after. The button to personalise your drink – so you can choose the strength and how tall the coffee, right down to the last ml – was also very easy to use.  

Overall, this machine is a joy to use and aesthetically, the machine looks good on the worktop – with stylish lights included to highlight your drink when it’s being poured. Our only quibble is that the milk container isn’t built into the machine, as it attaches to the main controls via a small lead – this means you’ll need to factor in a little extra space alongside the machine to house it.  

Pros: Very fast and effective: impressive coffee crema: coffee personalisation: automatic cleaning and descaling program

Cons: A little noisy: milk container isn’t built into the machine 

Price: £1,000 | Check price on Melitta 

Five boutique bean blends to try 

Rise Ibanda – Single Origin 

With its mix of citrus acidity and notes of dried fruit and caramel, this smooth blend from the Ibanda region of Uganda gives a satisfying caffeine kick. 

Price: £8 for 250g | Rise 

The Optimist – Premium Decaf Espresso 

The delicious notes of almond, raspberry and dark chocolate will help you forget that this bean from the San Ignacio and Jaen regions of Peru is actually decaf. 

Price: £8 for 250g bag | 8PMcoffee

Flying Horse Espresso Blend 

Flavour of blackberry, orange and hazelnut define this blend which features beans from Brazil, Burundi and Peru.  

Price: £8 for 250g bag | Flying Horse 

Grind Whole Bean Coffee Pouches

Choose from light, house and decaf versions of this bean blend, which has been ethically sourced from sustainable farms around the world and roasted in London. 

Price: From £15 for two 227g bags of coffee | Grind 

Blue Coffee Box 

Subscribe to this coffee subscription box and get a 227g EcoBag of single-origin coffee delivered to you in compostable packaging every two weeks, month or two months. You can choose from light to medium and dark roasts, or select a ‘surprise box’.  

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