February 3, 2023


Qualified food specialists

Take 50% Off Healthy Food for Dogs With a Two-week Trial of Nom Nom

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50% Off a Two-Week Trial | Nom Nom

50% Off a Two-Week Trial | Nom Nom

Just as you care about your food and your gut health, you probably wonder about your dog’s too. What’s he eating? Where did it come from? Will he digest it okay? Nom Nom wants to feed your dog the high-quality meals you’d feed yourself—and you can take 50% off a two-week trial to see how your pup likes it. Nom Nom’s meals are overseen by two Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, who make it their mission to deliver you nutrient-rich, healthy foods. Each meal is packed with nutrition—just like the meals you’d make for yourself—and cooked and packaged in Nom Nom’s own kitchen. Then, the meal makes its way to you—so your dog can get all their energy back through good, healthy meals. Nom Nom is the ultimate gift for families who love their pets—take 50% off the two-week trial. 

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