September 25, 2023


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Suprema Coffee Roastery Keeps a Clean Focus on the Coffee in PhiladelphiaDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

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Stefan Radivojevic loading up the Buckeye roaster at Suprema Coffee Roastery in Philadelphia. All images courtesy of Suprema Coffee Roastery.

A compact cafe and roastery called Suprema Coffee Roastery has added to the coffee landscape near Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

With a tight menu in a meticulously designed, 600-square-foot space, Suprema was conceived by Stefan Radivojevic, who roasts coffee with a 2.5-pound Buckeye Roasters Phoenix Oro machine in a corner behind the counter.

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As the founder, owner, designer and roaster, Radivojevic takes an uncompromising approach to quality in the finished product.

“I wanted to try to come up with something different — reinvent the way a coffee shop operates,” Radivojevic recently told Daily Coffee News. “We make only what we offer on the menu without exceptions, so there are no surprises or missed expectations.”

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The obvious concession here is customization. In that regard, Radivojevic suggested Suprema offers a counterpoint to the endless potential beverage modifications that are made possible in other coffee shops, particularly large chains.

“[Big chains] have unlimited options and possibilities,” said Radivojevic. “They have all the milks and toppings — but we have the coffee.”

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Suprema’s contemporary interior features clean lines, right angles and balanced textures, drawing attention to the barista, the Sanremo Verona espresso machine, a well-lit pastry case and the Buckeye roaster in the back. The wooden bar, ceiling panels, shelves and accents are additionally lightened by reflections from a white brick wall on one side and cool grey on the other.

Espresso is kept consistent by use of a Puqpress auto-tamper after baristas fill portafilter baskets under one of several Mahlkönig grinders. Batch brew is crafted carefully on a Fetco XTS brewing system, and the roasts all generally fall within Radivojevic’s personally preferred middle ground.

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Though the opening of Suprema was years in the making and delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Radivojevic has already formed a vision for a larger offsite roastery and a second retail cafe.

Suprema Coffee Roastery is now open at 1511 Pine St. in Philadelphia

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