December 9, 2022


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Project Cool Breeze and Concerned Citizens of the Peninsula receiving food donations from Bookwell Travel

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – On Saturday, March 27th, Bookwell Travel will donate over 1,200 bags of groceries to Project Cool Breeze and Concerned Citizens of the Peninsula.

The donation will be held at the Martin Luther King Park located at 155 Jackson St. in Downtown Charleston at 1 p.m. as part of the next phase of Bookwell Travel’s national launch.

Leading up to the donation, Bookwell Travel founder, Brian Gates, will run for 12 hours starting just after midnight early Saturday morning to raise awareness for “End 12 Hours of Hunger.”

“We are an online booking platform that puts feeding the hungry first. It’s a philosophy that is at the core of our business,” said Brian Gates. “Bookwell Travel was founded with a mission to fight the hunger crisis in America. I want to ask people to join our mission to donate 16 million meals by the end of the year by booking their next trip through”

The food donation in Charleston, South Carolina marks the continuous effort of Bookwell Travel’s national campaign to feed the hungry in every state in the United States by partnering directly with community food organizations like Concerned Citizens of the Peninsula.

“As an advocate for helping the homeless and others with needs, for many years I have been with Project Cool Breeze and on their committee. We are proud to part of these efforts with Bookwell Travel, and look forward to helping many of those in need of hunger!” said South Carolina State Representative, Wendell Gilliard, CEO of Project Cool Breeze and Concerned Citizens of the Peninsula of Lowcountry.

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