November 27, 2022


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Pro-life coffee shop owner hospitalized for stress after onslaught of ‘lies’ from ‘social media bullies’

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A pro-life coffee shop owner in Virginia said he was hospitalized for stress after the onslaught of “lies” from “social media bullies” targeting him and his business.

Ajay Brewer, owner of Brewer’s Cafe in Richmond, Virginia, announced in a Facebook post that his family-owned coffee shop would be closing its doors after being targeted for his pro-life beliefs.

In his post, Brewer noted that he, his mother, and his wife quit their jobs seven years ago to move back to his hometown and open up their shop “to give back to the city that made” him.

Brewer also revealed that he was in his “second long stay in a hospital due to stress and stroke-level high blood pressure” due to the attacks on him and his business.


Ajay Brewer, owner of Brewer’s Cafe in Richmond, Virginia, wrote on Facebook that he was hospitalized “due to stress and stroke-level high blood pressure” after attacks on him and his business for his pro-life beliefs.
(Ajay Brewer/Fox News Digital)

“That’s why it’s so hurtful to watch my community turn their backs on me and standby or contribute to so many lies and misinformation about me and my business,” Brewer wrote on Facebook. “It has caused a tremendous amount of harm to my health and well-being.”

“To watch Strangers and social media bullies tear down one of the most genuine family businesses was one thing, but to watch my ‘community’ so enthusiastic about the destruction of a successful black inner-city business that provided so much to the community, proved to me that we as a people have a long way to go,” he continued.

Brewer said that he believes it’s time to put his family and health first after “so much intolerance and hate spewed at” him “after years of dedication to community work.”

“It’s clear to me that this so-called community is not reciprocating the love. I’ve literally given my own well being, and bank account to my community,” Brewer wrote. “I’ve provided jobs, raised thousands of dollars for local schools and charities. I’ve helped the highest politicians, black organizations, musicians, artists, comedians and business organizations when they needed me/us and not once have I asked for anything in return.”

Brewer wrote that, save for “a few customers, fellow business owners,” and others, “the same people/organizations I’ve helped have either contributed to the hate or have been silent.”


Brewer announced that his Richmond Brewer's Cafe will be closing down.

Brewer announced that his Richmond Brewer’s Cafe will be closing down.
(Ajay Brewer/Fox News Digital)

“I’ve been served multiple eviction notices for my businesses, and my personal home,” Brewer wrote. “Sitting in this hospital for days now, the doctors can’t figure out what to do to get my blood pressure down. But I do.”

The Virginia business owner said that he would be shutting down shop in Richmond but his business “will continue to operate, focusing on generating sales in and outside of Richmond.”

“I understand the excitement this will bring to some,” Brewer wrote. “If anyone should be able to speak non-hateful, pro-life stances without his own people tearing him down, it should be a black man that grew up in the trenches, and gave up the corporate greedy lifestyle to give back to his community.”

“A true free society is not a society that cancels us for speaking our mind but allows us to not only freely express our opinions but also accepts our differences. Please do NOT take this as an apology. There is nothing to apologize for,” he continued. “The truth is, I am sadden[ed] for our people because if you just turn the news on, you’ll see that I’m just a microcosm of a larger problem.”

In June, Brewer spoke with Fox News Digital on Monday after his business received a slew of negative reviews and comments online when he said he supported the Supreme Court overturning the abortion precedent in the landmark Dobbs decision.

Brewer and his business were attacked online with wild claims, with some of them being racially-charged.

Brewer and his business were attacked online with wild claims, with some of them being racially-charged.
(Photo by Whitney Saleski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Brewer initially made the post on his personal Facebook profile following the overturn of Roe, which the Richmond native said “took on a life of its own.”

After the post, Brewer’s business was targeted by reviews that brought his near-perfect rating down to 3.3 stars while personally attacking him and making wild claims about him.

“Terrible customer service, the owner is absolutely terrible and speaks horrible to people. Would never go back,” a reviewer claimed. “Owner hates women. Told me I’m only good for making sandwiches and threw a loaf of bread at me.”

“Terrible service…. Owner is trash and does not advocate for women’s rights. We seen him spit in a customers food and he has roaches,” another wrote. “As we were leaving we seen a few rats shooting dice by the front door but honestly the rats were Kool so if you pass by tell them we said wassup.”


Some of the comments racially targeted Brewer, as well.

“Food always cold. Coffee is NEVER fresh. Horrible customer service. The place along with the owner just sucks all around,” one reviewer wrote. “Wouldn’t recommend this place to a soul and praying for it to shut down. Complete waste of space. -192765782 out of 10. And the owner can go straight to hell. Wanna be Uncle Tom a– ni–a. AND I said wtf I said.”

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