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Northern Ont. food bank receives thousands of pounds of food, thanks to local firefighter

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Northern Ont. food bank receives thousands of pounds of food, thanks to local firefighter

A food bank in northern Ontario received 10,000 pounds of food, thanks to the efforts of a local first responder.

Jeremy Alldred-Hughes is a firefighter with the Town of Kirkland Lake. He says after seeing the increasing usage of food bank services, he wanted to do something to help.

“I think any first responder starts doing this because we have a passion for serving our community and residents and it doesn’t just stop when our shift ends,” Alldred-Hughes said.

He told CTV News that he began reaching out to local paramedics, firefighters and police personnel and then began googling food distributors.

“I truly believe that things happen for a reason and it actually came together quite simple,” said Alldred-Hughes.

By happenstance, the manager of the first company he reached out to was a former Kirkland Lake resident.

“He was very inspired as well and put me in contact with Kraft Canada and everything just kind of came together within the course of three or four weeks,” Alldred-Hughes said.

Lewis Motors in North Bay offered to supply the truck, added the firefighter.A massive amount of food donated by Kraft Canada was loaded into a truck provided by Lewis Motors in North Bay to be delievered to a Kirkland Lake food bank. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Alldred-Hughes)“It kind of just came down to how much can the truck hold? And we will make sure we load it up for you,” said Alldred-Hughes.On Dec. 30/22 a truck with thousands of pounds of food was unloaded in Kirkland Lake to support food banks in northern Ontario. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Alldred-Hughes)

Kimberly-Clarke in Huntsville also stepped up to supply 12 cases of facial tissue.

On Dec. 30, dozens of volunteers loaded-up the truck with cases of food. The truck was then escorted to the Kirkland Lake Salvation Army Food Bank by local firefighters and paramedics along with the OPP.

The town’s mayor, Stacy Wight, says the whole experience was moving.

“It was such an inspiration when you see the incredible deeds of one good community member having such far-reaching impacts,” Wight said.

Wight explained to CTV News that this good deed won’t only help those facing food insecurity in Kirkland Lake, but surrounding communities as well.

“From what I understand, some of the donations will be forwarded to the New Liskeard and the Timmins food bank as well,” said Wight.

Alldred-Hughes said it was rewarding to see members of the community support the cause.

“It was just very moving and kind of an adrenaline rush to see everything come to fruition and be able to do this.”

Officials say there are already plans in motion to do this again some time this year.

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