December 8, 2022


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Monsoon food recipes for every pluviophile, according to their Zodiac

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The sky is filled with grey clouds. The thunderstorm is making its presence felt. The weather has turned cool and breezy. You are already out, near the window, waiting for a plate of delicious monsoon food.

It is that time of the year when nature peacocks itself in full glory. Not only do monsoons offer fantastic scenery and cool weather (minus the humidity), they also bring a million reasons to dig into a plate. Hot, spicy and filling, monsoon foods are what takes this culinary experience a notch higher. We have compiled a list of the best monsoon comfort foods depending on your zodiac sign.

Monsoon food recipes to try this season —

Aries –  Jalapeño Poppers

Aries know how to ace trying new experiences, making big moves and being bold. For your unstoppable energy and valiancy, we recommend you try Jalapeño Poppers! They are crunchy, spicy, and a flavourful alternative to the traditional monsoon recipes. They are quick to make and can go well with tea or coffee. Jalapeño is a fruit that brings several health benefits, so the poppers you are eating aren’t bad for your health. If it has started to rain and you want a quick snack to devour, pop the poppers on your plate.

Taurus – Mutton Biriyani

Tauruses, we know you like soothing aromas and invigorating flavours. Hence, we bring the Mutton Biriyani to satisfy your monsoon cravings. There is nothing like digging into an aromatic, slow-cooked Mutton Biriyani. The freshly steamed rice, tender meat, and a fusion of spicy smells are sure to make a monsoon evening special. Yes, it is not a quick recipe, but give it some time, and it will reward you with a soul-stirring experience.

Gemini – Fritters

Always on the move, Gemini is the kind that loves an outdoorsy, adventurous lifestyle. We bring you Fritters or Pakodas for a quick monsoon snack fix. Fritters are the de-facto choice for a monsoon snack in most Indian households. It is not hard to see why. They can be made in minutes without the need for too many ingredients. They never taste bland and can be enjoyed with a nice cup of tea. Fritters are generally made out of onions or potatoes, but you can go for healthier options like corn or oats. Regardless, make sure you make them a little spicy.

Cancer – Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger

Cancerians are known to be intuitive. Try your cooking intuition with the Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger! These vegan burgers are your best bet for a healthy, guilt-free monsoon snack. The Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger, when paired with barbecue sauce, can truly stimulate your taste buds. It is simple to make without the need for too many ingredients. It’s the perfect dish to feast on for a lazy monsoon evening.

Leo –  Shish Kebabs

Want to feel like royalty even with your monsoon food recipe? Leos, look no further than Shish Kebabs. This middle-eastern cuisine is every meat lovers fantasy. It is usually made of lamb, but you can make yours using chicken or fish. Make sure you marinate your meat properly and give it the necessary time for the flavours to absorb. Have your skewers ready for an ultimate kebab experience. Grill it slowly and carefully to ensure they are well cooked. Serve them with rice or pitta. Don’t have the barbecue material? Fret not! You can make Shish Kebabs without having to grill them.

Virgo – Oats Idli

For the sensible and fuss-free Virgos, we have the no-nonsense Oats Idli. By adding oats to the mix, you are looking at your favourite South Indian dish turn healthier and tastier. Oats Idlis aren’t time-consuming to prepare since they don’t require fermentation. You can make oats Idlis to your liking by adding different types of veggies like carrots, along with a host of spices and herbs. This dish can be accompanied by tasty coconut chutney or tangy sambar. Top it with filter coffee for the best snack experience.

Libra – Chicken Tikka

Librans are the centre of attention and are loved universally, much like Chicken Tikka. This evergreen Indian dish cannot make your monsoon day mundane. Select the best spices and a variety of herbs to make your Chicken Tikka absolutely irresistible. Longer marination will result in better absorption. You can bake the marinated meat in a traditional oven or on skewers. The latter will give it a smoky aroma that will further enhance its flavour. Serve it with green chutney, mustard sauce, and onions. Don’t forget to sprinkle some lime. Sit back to enjoy your juicy Chicken Tikka while admiring the views from your balcony.

Scorpio – Prawn Curry

For you, the passionate lot, we have Prawn Curry. Made from fresh prawns, onions, tomatoes, and various spices, this simple but delectable dish can be your ideal monsoon fix. You can experiment with spices to suit the prawn curry to your tastes. It goes well with roti and rice. It is a filling meal with little ingredients and no drama to prepare, and it almost always tastes delicious. Whether you plan to enjoy a rainy day with your family or all by yourself, you can’t go wrong with prawn curry.

Sagittarius – Macaroni Cheese

We are told that Sagittarius are a caring lot, loved by people for their compassion. We think Macaroni Cheese suits your personality the best. That is the best comfort food out there which we can never get tired of eating. The experience of eating warm Marconi and Cheese on a rainy day is nothing less than a tight hug. You can make this classic American dish in minutes, and all you need is dry pasta and cheese. You can spice it up by adding sautéed mushrooms, corn, peas, and tuna.

Capricorn – Momos

Capricorns are hardworking, ambitious, and always chasing their goals. You all deserve some steamy hot momos! And your imagination is the only limit as to what you can add to your momos. You can add the usual ingredients like carrots, chicken, and paneer or turn your momos into a comforting dessert with mangoes. Barring mango momos, serve the other with a spicy chutney. A perfect dish for a breezy monsoon day.

Aquarius – Brussels Waffle

Aquarius are the creative lot and we think you should unleash your creativity on the Brussels Waffle. Warm, crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, Brussels Waffles are a culinary delight. You can truly be creative with what you want to add on top of them. Maple syrup, berries and butter are the most common toppings. But you can also add whipped cream, honey, ice cream, chocolate syrup and peanut butter. A loaded dish of Brussels Waffle will make your monsoon day even sweeter.

Pisces – Hot Chocolate

Because you are compassionate, we think you deserve nothing but the best — Hot Chocolate! Sipping hot chocolate under a warm blanket is divine comfort. One mustn’t hassle to make a cup of hot chocolate. It can be done in a real jiffy. Add peanut butter, ice cream or cinnamon to make the already delicious hot chocolate even better. Warm yellow lights and dewy petrichor is the perfect match for hot chocolate.

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