December 4, 2022


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McCoy releases revised edition of Get in The Car: A Food and Travel Memoir

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Julie McCoy has been a resident of Little Falls, New York, since 2010, initially part-time, until 2019 when she and her husband, Lynn, moved here permanently.

Although born in Chicago, Illinois, she moved to Munich, Germany, when she was eight-years-old. Living abroad proved to be formidable not only in her education but gave her a travel bug she still has to this day.

She left Munich in 1979 after graduating from Munich American High School and attended Syracuse University where she received a degree in English Language and Literature with a minor in film criticism. While at Syracuse, she managed to successfully convince some of her professors that it was infinitely more exciting to write a screenplay rather than an essay when asked to complete certain writing assignments. This resulted in her life-long love of writing and her talent for creating realistic dialogue between many of her characters.

Julie wrote “Get In The Car: A Food and Travel Memoir” in 2008 during the financial crisis. Besides the mortgage and housing market fallout that ensued, it also resulted in many small businesses and restaurants going out of business. It took COVID-19 with similar economic consequences for her to take the time to revise and edit the book and publish it 13 years later.

Since the book is a road trip memoir, its primary audience is anyone who loves to travel! But it’s also a book for people who are interested in food. The book reveals not only Julie’s appreciation for fine dining but also showcases her ability to cook for her family.

The book is also for parents who may have struggled to travel with their children. It provides them with a humorous look at traveling with kids (particularly teenagers) as well as a novel look at exploring other parts of the world.

About the memoir, her daughter, Rachel, said, “Mom, I feel like I’m on this road trip with you.” And I want to keep reading!” Since she, (along with her brother), features prominently in many of the chapters, Julie takes this as the ultimate compliment. Besides, Rachel continued, “I was not only laughing but it made me hungry.”

Although this was the first book that she has self-published, Julie feels it has given her advanced skills in learning new software programs and navigating the world of e-commerce. It has also given her the opportunity to get back into marketing since she worked in the Office of College Relations at the Fashion Institute of Technology (a SUNY school) as the Communications and Publications Coordinator for over ten years.

Besides working for FIT, she has also worked in advertising, fashion, consulting, and higher education. She spent the last 22 years in an administrative role for a labor organization on Long Island.

She is also a published playwright, having written, directed, and produced three of her own plays on Long Island between 2004-2005.

She has learned to be a better photographer when she started her first blog, “The Red House Project” where she wrote about an 1850’s house renovation in Little Falls that she and her husband tackled. Lighting is key as are close-up shots!

In 2019, she started a new blog, “Let’s Go,” where she writes about travel, food, and some stories of life in the Mohawk Valley.

If you ask her what her favorite trip ever is she’ll say, “All of the trips I’ve taken are my ‘favorites.’”

You can follow her on Instagram: redhouseproject.

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