November 27, 2022


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Madison caravan to travel to Minnesota, providing protestors with food, water and medical supplies

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MADISON, Wis. — Fighting for the protection of Black lives has been at the core of Jazzman Brown’s cause over the last year. Brown is a member of a local group called Feeding the Youth, which is involved in helping provide food and supplies at social justice events.

“People will spend the whole day out there and not realize the only thing they’ve had is a bottle of water and a granola bar,” Brown said.

Brown put out a Facebook post asking for donations and support for her caravan, which is heading to Minnesota Wednesday afternoon to provide food, water and medical supplies to protestors following the death of Duante Wright. Brown has been doing this at social justice events over the last year. The first event started in Madison.

“The Saturday after George Floyd passed, we showed up down here with 20 cases of water and 50 pizzas and a box of medical supplies and a group of ladies who were willing to do safe rides home for people,” Brown said. “That’s what we did every day for months.”

Local nurse Tracy Suprise dropped off medical supplies to Brown Tuesday afternoon. Suprise said she isn’t able to make the trip with Brown’s caravan, but wanted to show her support by donating to the cause.

“We need to do something in this country to correct the inequities and to begin to heal and really prove we are committed to racial justice, and economic justice,” Suprise said. “This has got to stop.”

Brown said she feels compelled to continue to provide support to causes like these because, “This is all about unity. It’s all about working together and being stronger together.”

Brown also said one of her goals for the trip is to help keep the protests peaceful.

“Sometimes we forget what the families want when we are acting in anger. So we are going to do our best to keep the family involved and make sure their wishes are met.”

Brown expects to return to Madison on Monday.

“We’re fighting, too,” Brown said. “We are just fighting in a different way.”

If you would like to donate to Brown’s cause, you can contact her through Feeding The Youth.

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