September 22, 2023


Qualified food specialists

Here are the Top 10 trap foods and how to avoid them

2 min read
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As we continue our series on psychology and nutrition, we come to the topic of foods that pose as healthy options but can end up being anything but good for you, especially if consumed in medium to large quantities on a regular basis. We call these “trap foods.”

There a few primary reasons trap foods can pose as healthy foods. The first is marketing. Certain foods, such as granola bars, have been promoted in a way to make them seem as though they are always a healthy food; even the name itself (granola) sounds like it must be a food for the fit when may actually not be.

The second reason trap foods exist is that they start with something healthy and whole, like oatmeal, and then create such a processed product, such as oatmeal packets, that it barely resembles the original food for which it is named. Thus, what was nutritious at first no longer is.

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