November 27, 2022


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Have you tried egg coffee? Chef shares easy recipe

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The history of Vietnam is also the history of vast and varied influences. Emerging from the pages of the country’s history is Vietnamese egg coffee–a traditional Vietnamese drink made by adding egg yolks to dark roasted coffee. What might seem like an unthinkable combination, is actually able to make the cut through convention into brewing something unique and delicious in its own right. It is rich, creamy, luscious, and imbued with high protein.

Chef Saransh Goila took to Instagram to express how much he has been missing Vietnam lately. In order to memorialise his Vietnam memories and satiate his coffee cravings, the chef tells us how to brew egg coffee. Here are the steps:

* 2 tbsp – Dark roasted coffee
* Hot water
* 2 – Egg yolks (Pasteurised eggs are recommended)
* 2 tbsp – Condensed milk
* 8-10 drops – Vanilla essence


* Thereafter, fill the coffee filter with hot water and keep it aside for 10 minutes.
* Next, take a glass or mug and place it in a bowl full of hot water.
* On another bowl, add the egg yolks (preferably pasteurised eggs), followed by condensed milk.
* In the same bowl, add vanilla essence and whisk with egg beater for 10 minutes until air light.
* To check if the egg foam is foamy enough, add one drop to a glass of water. The egg foam should float.
* On another glass, pour out the coffee first, then the egg foam and top it with a few drops of coffee.

Now, what is before you is a glass full of caffeinated goodness. You can make yourself a glass too!

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