December 7, 2023


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Five Essential Tips To Ease Your Contested Divorce Process

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Five Essential Tips To Ease Your Contested Divorce Process

Divorce is a highly stressful process for both parties involved. A contested divorce happens when the partners cannot come to a mutual agreement about various aspects of the divorce. These disputes may arise while dividing the assets, child custody, financial disagreements, and more. However, divorce attorneys from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office can help in making your contested divorce easier and quicker.

Since contested divorces are complex to deal with, here are a few essential tips to ease the process. 

  • Have an experienced attorney and divorce financial planner on your team.

Divorce can bring a lot of your finances at stake. In addition, it can take a toll on your finances and mental health. Therefore, having a solid team of reliable people who have got your back will make the process hassle-free. A financial planner will help in securing your finances for the long run. Similarly, the attorney will work side by side with the financial planner to make the divorce in your best interest. 

  • Understand and protect all your assets.

Even though the advice may sound basic, your assets will play a significant role in the divorce. Therefore, collect information and essential documents about all your assets. The essential documents include income tax returns, credit and debit card bills, loan statements, bank statements, and more of the past few years. Since it is common for partners to hide assets during the divorce, knowing what you own will result in a fair settlement of the assets. 

  • Stay off social media.

Social media plays a crucial role during a divorce. Anything you post on your social media about your ex could end in court. Stay off social media until your divorce is complete, and avoid talking bad about your ex in front of your children or anyone else that can be used against you. 

  • Do not let your anger determine your decision.

Divorce is emotionally draining. Divorce affects your future and other aspects. Feeling frustrated and angry is common. However, you must set your emotions aside to think rationally for a secure future. Additionally, if you find it difficult to make crucial decisions, talk to an attorney and let them guide you on the right path. 

  • Talk to a therapist and take your time.

Since divorce can affect your mental health, you may make decisions that you will regret a few years later. Therefore, talk to a therapist to maintain your sanity and avoid your mental health draining. Moreover, take time off and walk away from heated arguments with your ex that harm your divorce procedure.

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