September 21, 2023


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Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop in Fall River offers authentic vibe

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Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop in Fall River offers authentic vibe

FALL RIVER — From the food to the ambiance, feel like a world traveler without stepping foot outside the city at Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop.

“From the moment you walk through the door you immediately feel immersed,” said Erica Couto, who runs the shop along with her husband, Kevin, and her brother, Andrew Ferreira. 

“You have the sense that I’m no longer in Fall River anymore,” she added.

That authentic European-style cafe experience, combined with a diverse menu that prides itself on its traditional Portuguese fare but extends well beyond that, has been the Columbia Street eatery’s recipe for success for over two decades.

This month marked a milestone for Europa, and this family clan is excited to keep building on its 25-year legacy in innovative — and delicious — ways.

Owners Erica Couto and Andrew Ferreira at Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop on Columbia Street in Fall River.

“We’re always pushing the envelope here,” said Ferreira. “We always say the Europa of yesterday isn’t the same as today and tomorrow’s Europa won’t be the same as today as well. That’s how we look at things.”

One such change was the recent addition of showstopping custom cakes to their business. Couto said their French-trained pastry chef Sarah Larose spent over 20 hours painstakingly hand-painting a cake featuring famous monuments of Europe for their 25th anniversary celebration earlier this month. The event served to debut their cake venture, as well as thank the community for their unwavering support.

“They’re the ones who help us beat our drum,” Ferreira said of his patrons, many of whom have been familiar faces for years. “They always push us to be our best self.”

Europa Pastries & Coffee Shop now makes custom cakes.

“We’re very blessed that our customers have really embraced the changes we’ve done. A lot of them have been asking for it,” he added.

Europa got its start in the city in 1998, setting up shop in a building that in its past lives housed a library, variety store and pharmacy. When former owner Tiberio Tavares, who also previously ran Holiday Bakery in New Bedford, retired and put Europa up for sale, Couto and her family saw a sweet opportunity to make it their own.

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