September 25, 2023


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Drive away your mid-week blues with these cold coffee sips

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Coffee in all forms is a hit. Whether it’s hot or cold, whipped or brewed, nothing can deliver the freshness that a cup or mug of coffee can give. And though whatever the temperature be we don’t mind a piping hot cuppa to soothe our nerves, a cold cup is the need of the hour.    

So, beat this summer’s heat with these four cold coffee drinks by Bharat Sethi, founder Rage Coffee, that you can enjoy sitting in the comfort of your home:


Iced Coffee

4 teaspoons coffee granules

1 cup cold milk

1 teaspoon sugar

½ cup warm water

Chocolate syrup

10-15 ice cubes


In a sealable jar, mix coffee granules, sugar and warm water. Cover the jar and shake until it is foamy. Now pour the mixture into a glass full of ice. Fill the glass with cold milk. Top it up with chocolate syrup, and slurp.


Well, if you are a fan of Lassi, Voila! Blend a Coffee Lassi in just minutes and sip straight away.


Coffee Lassi

2 teaspoons coffee granules

1 cup fresh curd

1 teaspoon sugar

Chopped cashew to garnish


Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Pour it in a glass, garnish it with chopped cashew,

and enjoy.

Coffee Mocha

2 tablespoons coffee granules

1 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3 tablespoons chocolate powder

2 tablespoons honey

10-12 ice cubes

1 dollop vanilla ice-cream

Blend these ingredients in a grinder until smooth. Pour it in a glass, top it with a dollop of ice-cream.

Do you like the flavour of coffee, the aroma of whisky or rum? If yes, you must whip Iced Liqueur Coffee at home that will accompany you in summer evenings.


Iced Liqueur Coffee

About 200 ml strong brewed coffee (coffee granules + hot water)

30 ml rum/whisky

I cup milk

Cinnamon powder, a pinch

Nutmeg, grated

A scoop of vanilla ice-cream

10 ice-cubes

Freeze a tray of ice-cubes with some of the coffee brews. Blend together the remainder with milk, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, ice cream, and whisky or rum (as per your choice) until frothy. Pour the mixture over the ice-cubes, and relish this refreshing cooler.

There you go! This summer, prepare to dazzle your family and friends with one of these easy-to-make coffee drinks that’s ideal for sipping in the hot weather.



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