September 26, 2023


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Donal Skehan’s Coffee Break Proves A Recipe For Disaster

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Donal Skehan’s Coffee Break Proves A Recipe For Disaster

Donal Skehan learned a hard lesson this week when he thought it was safe to leave his kids playing together in the playroom. Little did he know what he was about to walk into.

Noah and Oliver were just doing what most kids do on a weekend, spending hours just playing with their toys.

However, it looks like they decided to be a bit more adventurous, and we believe that they may have had a moment of artistic inspiration.

Why just play with cars when you can take out your paints and decide to give the room a new look, including the white presses and the fish tank? Oh, poor Donal.

Watching this video would reduce anyone to tears and even ask the question could this much damage be done in the space of ten minutes. The answer is a straight-up yes.

Posting the video on his social media Donal showed the destruction caused after just taking a few minutes to relax.

Writing underneath the footage he stated how ‘I’ve seen these videos before and there’s always some pain in the arse who suggests the kids aren’t being looked after.’

He went on to explain how this happened. ‘Technically I was having a coffee and reading the papers, so yes maybe I wasn’t feckin Mary Poppins but Jaysus it was 10 minutes as I thought they fooled me into believing they were playing quietly!’

Instagram: Donal Skehan
Instagram: Donal Skehan

He went on to say how ‘solo parenting going really well!’ But for those out there, parents or not, having heart palpitations looking at this, he did state that the area now was ‘all cleaned up.’

We feel your pain Donal, we really do!

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