November 30, 2022


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Diabetics, this pre and probiotic breakfast is low glycemic too (recipe inside)

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Are you frantically looking for an easy breakfast recipe that can be whipped up with practically no cooking involved, but comes packed with numerous nutrients? If the answer to that question is a yes, we are here with a quick recipe that Sangeeta M Khanna shared in a post on Instagram.

According to the food consultant, dahi chiwda, or curd with flattened rice, makes for a delicious breakfast recipe. “Have you ever had a bowl of dahi chiwda for breakfast? It’s the perfect pre and probiotic breakfast that’s low glycemic too and can be packed with nuts and seeds if you wish to load it up with proteins for the day as well. Since we consume nuts in other forms, the dahi chiwda sometimes can be enjoyed plain,” she captioned the recipe post.

How to make it?

According to Khanna, for this no-cooking breakfast option, one can use home-made cultured yoghurt. “If you make the dahi with reduced milk, it gets a natural sweetness and you don’t need to sweeten it, it is traditionally had with either sugar or jaggery,” she mentioned.

She added that, “you don’t need to cook the poha (chiwda). Just rinse it quickly with drinking water and top it up with as much curd as you wish. Some jaggery powder adds to the flavour; add more if you want it sweet and if it fits your daily sugar allowance,” she suggested.

Use homemade curd for this recipe (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Why is poha healthy?

Poha or chiwda is made after parboiling the paddy, which is then flattened when it is still warm. The husk is removed after that and it is allowed to dry. “This detailed process helps retain micronutrients from the unpolished grain and allows a little fermentation, too. That’s the reason a well-made poha has a richer taste and can be consumed uncooked,” said Khanna.

According to her, it is one of the “most healthy no cook two-minute breakfast options if your mornings are busy”. “Just culture your dahi the previous night,” she added.

Agreed Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, nutritionist and diabetes educator, and founder of The Health Pantry, and said that while the combination, extremely popular in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, is known for its digestive benefits, it works “great for people with type 2 diabetes, too”.

“Curd is a probiotic food, which means it is fermented and is rich in gut-friendly bacteria. Poha or chiwda is flattened rice that is rich in resistant starch that acts as food for the bacteria in our gut. This combination, when eaten regularly, can have a tremendous impact on gut health,” she told

Tibrewala said that improved gut health benefits a type 2 diabetic in the following ways:

*Improved fat and glucose metabolism within cells.
*Reduced appetite (helps you eat only as much as you require, prevents binging).
*Reduced sugar cravings.
*Insulin sensitivity is improved, which means more efficient glucose management.

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