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Coffee Chats Announces New App on Creator Economy Platform Koji

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New App Brings Ease of Coffee Chats Scheduling Tools Directly to Link in Bio

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee Chats, a new, comprehensive scheduling tool, today announced the launch of its Koji Link in Bio app. The app allows professionals and creators to sell blocks of time and appointments directly on their Koji Link in Bios, unlocking new ways of engaging and monetizing followers.

Coffee Chats on Koji

Coffee Chats on Koji

“As a solo product builder, I’ve been focused on developing tools that fill an obvious need online, but I haven’t had the time nor the resources to market it at scale. I am excited to leverage the Koji platform to introduce more creators and professionals to Coffee Chats. Koji’s developer tools will also help me accelerate the creation of new products and functionality in the future,” said Coffee Chats founder, Chris Tung.

Coffee Chats has simplified the process of scheduling online appointments like virtual coffee chats, lessons, and consulting calls. Using the Coffee Chats app, creators can seamlessly sell and share their expertise with followers. The app features Google Calendar integration, so creators need only to link their calendar and set the cost of each session—the app handles scheduling and payment.

“Koji’s app store is a perfect match for makers like Chris to reach a wider user base and slot in alongside other powerful creator tools. Coffee Chats unlocks value for a broad set of creators and social media users, including coaches, advisors, trainers, and tutors. The Coffee Chats app makes it easy for anyone to monetize their free time and expertise,” added Grant Long, Head of Growth at Koji.

The Coffee Chats app is available today for free on the Koji App Store.

Coffee Chats is an all-in-one scheduling tool for the modern age. Built by Chris Tung, an entrepreneur who has sold two SaaS businesses and has previously worked at two startups acquired by Amazon, Coffee Chats utilizes existing scheduling services like Google Calendar and Zoom, to make scheduling calls fast and easy.

Koji is the world’s most powerful Link in Bio platform. With hundreds of free apps created by Koji and its community of independent developers, the Koji Link in Bio gives leading Creators on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms new ways to engage audiences, connect with supporters, and monetize. Koji launched in March 2021 and has raised $16 million in venture capital through its parent company GoMeta, Inc.

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Coffee Chats App on the Koji App Store

Koji Logo (PRNewsfoto/Koji)

Koji Logo (PRNewsfoto/Koji)



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