November 27, 2022


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Celebrating Diwali? Try these recipes for khajoor tukda and chorafali

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“Delicious Diwali Lights, Clothing, Food!” 

“May Lakshmi” — the Hindu goddess of prosperity — “bless you with good fortune.”

“May Diwali’s light brighten your day.”

Members of the Indian community will exchange these greetings, most likely in one of the 14 languages of India, when Diwali (aka Deepavali or Dipavali), the festival of lights, begins on Oct. 24. Diwali lasts five days and is arguably the most wonderful time of the year for the millions of people across the globe who practice the Hindu, Sikh and Jain religions.

“Diwali is like Christmas, people put up lamps in their houses but they also do fireworks like we do on the Fourth of July,” Dinesh Sanghavi, who runs Indian Groceries & Spices in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with his wife, Bharti, said.