June 3, 2023


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America’s heritage, music, food is focus of travel in 2022

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Music is part of the cultural heritage of our country. When traveling to Nashville, a show at Opryland is always part of the tour. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Music is part of the cultural heritage of our country. When traveling to Nashville, a show at Opryland is always part of the tour. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The year 2022 is only four months away, so we’re beginning to think of where we want to travel. The Chamber Travel Club is booking tours to showcase our own varied country.
If you’re someone who wants to refresh your American history, the Heritage of America tour is for you. We’ll explore our musical roots on America’s Music Cities. The Discover South Dakota adventure will showcase the beauty of South Dakota and will have your writing your own “ode to America.” The storied genteel South will be uncovered on the Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll Island tour.
By the time these tours depart, we hope most of our COVID issues are behind us and we will have reached herd immunity. The first trips depart in April — eight months from now. A lot of good things can happen in eight months! I’m so glad I was vaccinated early as I feel so much safer traveling.
We have two east coast tours departing in mid-May. It’s a perfect time to visit the Atlantic seaboard since the crowds will be less, the weather will be great for exploring, and the flora will be in bloom. If you’ve ever traveled on a Collette group tour, you will know that the hotels are top-notch, and the dinner locations won’t disappoint. I love tours since just about everything is taken care of for you!
Collette Vacation’s Heritage of America Tour departs April 19. This is the tour for those who want to see and relearn as much as they can about our country’s beginnings. We begin in Philadelphia – “The Birthplace of the New Nation.” All those places you learned about in your history classes will be seen here. Other great stops on this tour include two nights in Gettysburg where we can walk the famous battlefield. There’s an overnight in Charlottesville, Virginia, after a day of touring and driving through the fabled Shenandoah Mountains. Two nights are included in Colonial Williamsburg where you will step back in time, followed by two nights in Washington, D.C. Book now and save $250 per person.
You’d rather hear about the southern version of our history? Then, you will truly enjoy the Mayflower Charleston, Savannah & Jekyll Island Tour departing April 21. What’s not to love about Charleston! This walkable city is a delight, and we’ll go a day early to be able to enjoy the city on our own before the rest of the group arrives. You won’t want to leave this city even after three nights, but you must go on to the historic waterfront town of Beauford and then on to the Jekyll Island where two nights will be spent in one of America’s most historic hotels. The things you will learn here! We spend our last two nights in Savannah. Save $100 per person by booking early.
We’ve chosen to Discover South Dakota departing Sept. 16 so we can enjoy the evening patriotic show at Mount Rushmore. We’ll be based in Rapid City staying in one hotel and touring from there. You’ll be so full of Americana after this tour, you’ll be singing the praises of America’s National Parks. The scenery is so spectacular you’ll wonder why you waited so long to see this part of our country. Save $100 per person if booked early.
Then it’s back to the south for Discover America’s Music Cities departing Oct. 9. The climate will be cooler, but the music will remain hot! We’ll have three wonderful days in New Orleans, the “Jazz Capital of the World.” Then on to Memphis for two nights to remember Elvis or learn more about the Civil Rights movement. We spend our last two nights at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville and yes, we’ll enjoy an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. Save $150 per person by booking early.
Full itineraries can be seen on the Chamber’s Travel Club page found on the home page at www.carsoncitychamber.com. I loved all these tours and am glad to see them offered again.
Marilyn Foster is 92 and will be visiting New York City during the Christmas holidays this year. She wants to experience skating at Rockefeller Center while she still can! 

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