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All Things Caviar: A Guide for Foodies and Enthusiasts

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All Things Caviar: A Guide for Foodies and Enthusiasts First of all, let’s clear up what caviar is. Many people think that it’s the same as roe. But real caviar is just one type, defined as matured sturgeon eggs. It may be hard to remember but do your best. To be a professional foodie, you…

All Things Caviar: A Guide for Foodies and Enthusiasts

First of all, let’s clear up what caviar is. Many people think that it’s the same as roe. But real caviar is just one type, defined as matured sturgeon eggs. It may be hard to remember but do your best. To be a professional foodie, you need to know the theory, right?
Together with one of the best brands offering all kinds of caviar in their store, Bester Caviar from Miami, FL, we’ve decided to present a guide for foodies who want to try it all. There are many more types of caviar than the red one and the black one. You’ll be surprised!
Read this before visiting the best caviar store and choosing your new favorite one!

The 6 Types of Caviar

We’ll go in order from A to Z rather than by importance so that you can get familiar with every type on the same terms.

Beluga Caviar

The best, most favorite, luxurious, expensive caviar. If you decide to go the path of a food enthusiast, you must try it at least once. The caviar melts in your mouth, bringing its soft, buttery taste all the way to true taste satisfaction.
The eggs are quite big of a light grey color. They almost look like pearls, and they taste just how they look.

Hackleback Caviar

Hackleback caviar comes from a kind of fish living in the Mississippi River. The color is usually black to dark brown, the caviar is quite firm and the eggs are tiny. It’s similar to Sevruga we’ll talk about a little later.
However, its taste is smoother and has a bit of a nutty tone to it. You can eat it on a juicy piece of salmon as the best ensemble. Get it when you can’t find Caspian sturgeon, and you won’t be disappointed. Blini also goes great with this type of caviar if you want to combine it with someone that isn’t connected to seas and rivers.

Kaluga Caviar

Nowadays, Kaluga is raised on farms, as well as many other if not all sturgeon caviars. The taste is very smooth and creamy. But the texture is quite firm, so you’re able to ‘pop’ every egg as you eat it. 
This is one of the most popular types of caviar nowadays. People trust it because it’s farm-raised, which implies the ‘manufacturers’ abide by all rules and standards. This is a great substitution for the luxurious (and quite expensive) Sevruga. So, you can buy it without hesitation. The most important thing now is to find a great store with high-quality caviar. Bester Caviar will help!

Osetra Caviar

If Beluga isn’t available to you at the moment, turn your attention to the Osetra caviar. It’s also one of the best things a true food enthusiast has to try at least one time. It’s close to impossible to choose the best type of caviar in the world, but this one is definitely somewhere out there.
You can find golden to brown Osetra. The eggs aren’t big or small, they are somewhere in the middle. The smell and taste are quite rich, you can feel the nutty notes if you focus.

Sevruga Caviar

If you want to start your way to caviars from something more available but also very delicious, the Sevruga type will be the best pick. It reproduces very quickly, so there’s always an abundance of this type of caviar.
It pops very well, opening a strong, pleasant taste. You’ll feel great just biting into it on toast or blini. The eggs are grey or black, very crunchy with some of them melting the moment you bite.

Sterlet Caviar

This caviar has a strong, rich flavor that opens after you bite into small eggs. People often think it’s the same as the previous type, so make sure you don’t confuse the two. You can find it in light or dark grey, and it’s definitely worth trying.
The main difference is the size. If you’re looking at smaller eggs, it’s definitely the Sterlet type.

Other Types of Caviar

There are two more subtypes we want to talk about. These are roe, but they are totally worth your gastronomic attention.

Salmon Caviar

With fresh toast or some blini, this roe will go beautifully. It has a soft, peachy color and is most popular in Alaska. The prices are much, much lower than for all the other types we’ve discussed before. So, if you’re starting your way on a short budget, this is the best option to choose.
This is also the most suitable pick for those who look for a light, fresh taste with lots of juice. You can even put it on top of your meals as a healthy addition to get the nutrients and enrich the taste.

Sushi Caviars

You may see the following in the menu at a sushi bar:

  • Capelin;

  • Masago;

  • Tobiko.

These are flying fish roe. They come in various colors, making the taste of sushi and rolls much better and enriching their color palette. This makes the food more appealing to visitors, and catching every egg with a satisfying crunchy sensation is just amazing.
Keep in mind, though, that the caviars are originally black. They are dyed and enriched with other ingredients to make them more different and add to a larger variety of Japanese dishes. Definitely consider this type when you have an opportunity.

The Final Word

To dive into the world of taste is an incredible wish. Caviar can become the best entrance if you combine it with proper foods. Go beyond the common types, try new things. Nowadays, it’s especially easy, given you have some of the best stores online. 
Consider visiting Bester Caviar and browse the options there. This is one of the shops for people who value food and only want to eat high-quality products. We should be mindful about what we eat, and decent stores, online and physical, can help guide us into the world of delicious meals and pure delight!

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