December 4, 2022


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Akron woman to feature family Ethiopian dishes at NoHi Pop-up

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Nardos Street knows her coffee.

Her Akron-based business Bereka Coffee has been around since 2016.

She’s been roasting and selling coffee and keeping the tradition of the Coffee Ceremony alive that she learned as a young girl while being raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Aside from honing her coffee skills and growing a business, Street also has been exploring and reconnecting with Ethiopian dishes.

She’s been entertaining friends and family for years by serving coffee (of course) and working to perfect these traditional recipes from her childhood.

The Doro Wot Atikilt Chicken Vegetable menu item to be offered by Bereka Kitchen by guest chef Nardos Street this weekend at Akron's NoHi Pop-up.

“I grew up helping my mom preparing meals for our family,” she said. “Living in a close family circle, I watched my mom and my grandmothers providing warm delicious Ethiopian dishes from scratch every day.”

Street said she grew up appreciating the value of a good home-cooked meal —something that she tries to keep alive since moving to Akron.

“I love how homemade food provides comfort to families,” she said. “Our traditional meals are used to strengthen a sense of community and fellowship. I remember friends in the neighborhood bringing food to us when we lost a family member, when someone had a newborn, or at times of sickness.”

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