December 6, 2022


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After Dalgona, Viral Coffee Trend Of

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As our lockdown lives come to an end, the viral trend of making dalgona coffee is also coming to an end and being replaced with the simple at-home proffee. Dalgona coffee was the top searched recipe on Google in 2020, which was basically ‘Phenti Hui Coffee’ where you whip up a coffee mix on top of milk. With more and more people starting to take their health and fitness seriously, proffee is the latest viral coffee trend that you surely need to try. Also Read – Beware! Too Much Coffee Can be Detrimental For Your Heart Health

What is Proffee? Also Read – Dalgona Coffee Beats Pizza, Banana Bread As Most Searched Recipe Of The Year on Google 2020 Top Trends List

Proffee is cool drink which is a combination of protein shake and coffee, it is also called protein coffee. Proffee is being preached by fitness enthusiasts all over Instagram right now. Also Read – Black Coffee For Weight Loss: 4 Reasons to Drink Black Coffee if You Want to Lose Weight

The coffee trend started from TikTok and soon got onto Instagram. You will find as many as 66,000 posts if you search #proteincoffee on Instagram. And the hashtag #proffee has more than 5,000 posts.

What are the benefits of Proffee?

  • Proffee is smart choice for health conscious people who want increase their protein intake without giving up on coffee.
  • Protein content adds extra body to your cup of coffee, which can keep you full for a longer period of time.
  • Protein is one of most macronutrients in our diets, especially for those who are trying to lose weight.
  • Nutritionists recommend including protein in your first meal of the day to avoid getting hungry early and curbing the urge to eat snacks.
  • Starting your day with proffee can also make you eat a smaller breakfast or it can be a replacement of breakfast as well.

How to make Proffee?

Here’s an easy recipe to make proffee or protein coffee at home from scratch:

  • Prepare two shots of espresso coffee, add sugar as per your taste or skip it, and let it cool
  • Or add milk according to your taste and make it a regular cup of coffee, then let it cool
  • In a separate bowl, mix protein powder and water with a spoon, whisk or shaker
  • You can also use a read-to-drink or fresh at-home protein shake instead
  • Take a cup and add ice cubes according to your liking
  • Pour the protein shake or mix in your cup
  • Add the black coffee or espresso to the cup if its cold or lukewarm
  • You can also do it the other way around by adding a protein drink to your iced coffee or iced latte
  • Mix it well and avoid adding extra sugar to keep your proffee healthy. Enjoy your drink!

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