February 3, 2023


Qualified food specialists

9 food trends to watch for in 2023: Culinary experts share thoughts

6 min read

From the most searched news to the biggest questions people had, Google shared its top trending searches of 2022 with the world.

When we enter a new year, trend predictions are everywhere as far as the eye can see from fashion to wall color to fitness. But what about food?

Trends in general are difficult to predict, with food trends being one of the toughest as tastes (pun most definitely intended) change as economic and social conditions do.

I mean who would have thought scores of people would have been trying their hand at baking bread during the pandemic? Or a rise in kombucha manufacturing?

For 2023, we asked two experts from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Hyde Park what trends we can expect throughout the year: Dr. Willa Zhen and Liana Wood.

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