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8 tips on introducing healthy foods to kids

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Struggling to feed your child veggies? Read this mom’s tips and tricks on introducing healthy food to kids.

In this article, you’ll read:

  • Mommy Lynne’s tips on making your child eat healthy food

  • How giving choices, creativity, and consistency helps in introducing healthy food to kids

I attended a family gathering not too long ago, and they were all in awe at both my son and daughter who filled their plates with everything on the buffet table including those which would only appeal to older and more discerning taste buds like onions, vegetables, and seafood. What is my secret?

Tips on introducing healthy food to kids

One of the most common complaints of moms I know is how picky their child is when it comes to food. Sharing with you my strategies to introduce different kinds of healthy food to my kids:

1. Eat what they eat.

My kids eat what we eat at home. We do not have a kids’ menu at lunch nor at dinner, we all eat the same dishes. If you want your children to eat vegetables, then you have to show them that you are eating your broccoli and your carrots together with them. Children are great imitators. You have to set a good example and eat your vegetables too.

2. Plan ahead.

Make a weekly menu so you know what to prepare every day for the whole week. Make sure that your kids are always eating vegetables and fruits and getting the right nutrition. This way, you won’t panic and dial pizza delivery when food runs out.

introducing healthy food to kids

introducing healthy food to kids

Image courtesy of the author

3. Make it bite-sized.

My kids love to eat fruits for snacks like apples, grapes, mangoes, guavas and seasonal fruits like pomelo, nectarine, kiwi, and plum. The trick is, you have to pre-slice them into bite-size pieces and leave them in the refrigerator so they can eat them whenever they feel hungry.

If the plan doesn’t work, plan B is to sprinkle a pinch of rock salt to make it tastier ( it works all the time!).

Here is another trick, my hubby and I eat fruits without offering them, sooner or later, they will start swarming around us out of curiosity and will try to taste the fruits we are eating.

4. Let them help out in the kitchen.

Kids learn a lot when they are involved in the kitchen. They can see firsthand what the vegetables look like uncooked. Let them smell the fruits, hold the vegetables and let them slice and chop the vegetables to develop their fine motor skills. Smelling all kinds of herbs and spices awaken their senses and best of all, you can also discover what tastes they are more inclined to.


introducing healthy food to kids

introducing healthy food to kids

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5. Give them choices (or at least let them believe so).

My kids have to eat what we prepare for them, but they also hate it when they are forced into it. So I let them choose from my predetermined choices. Never ever let them believe that they have a third option.

Note: all adults must work as a team, you are up against a tough opponent. One adorable look, or one bat of an eyelash and yaya might go frying up the canned sausages and spam.

Stick to the plan! Don’t get sucked into their hypnotic gaze. Avoid eye contact if you must. Don’t let the kids breakdown the foundation you have painstakingly built.

6. Make it colorful.

Color makes them happy. Decorate the plate, add some color, and be creative when serving their dishes. Presentation is the key.

7. When all else fails, unleash your secret weapons, or secret sauces.

My son hates bola-bola (meatballs) when he was just 2 years old. But believe it or not, he eats them now with love and gusto. Here are my best bets: homemade honey mustard sauce, Japanese sukiyaki sauces, Ma Hu or pork floss, and of course, the ever-reliable banana ketchup.

8. Be consistent.

Junk food, processed meat and sweet confections are highly addictive but these are also linked to health problems later on in their lives. If you don’t buy junk, they won’t eat junk.

Be patient, be creative and be consistent. It only takes a dash of color, a sprinkle of love and your kids will enjoy eating healthy food in no time. Good luck!

introducing healthy food to kids

introducing healthy food to kids

Image courtesy of the author


Lynne Luakian is the mom behind @perfectmommyproject. In her blog, she shares valuable lessons she has learned along the way, parenting hacks, product reviews, and good mommy finds. She loves filling her pages with laughter, moments that matter, attracting positive vibes, and spreading love.

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