September 25, 2023


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7 Easy Ways To Make Healthy Food Substitutions When Dining Out | Becky Smith

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Is it possible to eat healthy when dining out at a restaurant? It certainly is, with some healthy food substitutions!

All you need to do is dive into the menu and find the foods that will be the most healthy and tasty, with the least amount of trouble for yourself, the server, and the kitchen.

Years ago, I had a little anxiety about eating out because I felt obligated to order from the menu and not ask for any changes, whether the food was good for me or not.

Once I started working in the restaurant industry, I changed my view on that because I saw how easy it can be.

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The money you spend in a restaurant should be for your enjoyment and health, not just splurging and potentially regretting it later.  

Restaurants have a goal to make their food as tasty as possible and profitable, not necessarily healthy. If you care about what you eat and want to leave with a happy stomach, then put yourself in the driver’s seat of your experience.

It’s entirely possible to have the best food and good nutrition when you’re eating out at a restaurant. 

Here are 7 easy ways to make healthy food substitutions when eating out. 

1. Research a restaurant’s menu before you go.

This way you can preview potential options. Call the restaurant (in off-peak hours), ask for a manager, and find out how open they are to requesting menu changes.

If they prefer not to do that, then I recommend going somewhere else.

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