December 8, 2023


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5 best cities in the world for foodies

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The analysis was based on the variety of cuisine, cost per meal, number of Michelin-star restaurants, and the number of restaurants in the city.

Here are the world’s best restaurants.

Tokyo, Japan has the most Michelin-star restaurants in the world -436 A+ Michelin-star restaurants. Have you seen how fancy Japanese chefs can be? 13 of the best restaurants in the world are in Tokyo. A typical meal is $52 for two people. That’s about ₦23,000. Tokyo has about 12,000 restaurants. Many countries’ meals are sold in Tokyo restaurants.

Paris, France has a lot of Michelin star restaurants, no surprises there, with 423 A+ Michelin star restaurants. 9 of the world’s best restaurants are in Paris, but the food is on the high side: it costs about $69 for two. That’s about ₦31,000.

Bangkok, Thailand is also a great place for foodies. They have a variety of cuisines, not to mention street food. Bangkok has 161 A- Michelin-star restaurants and 15 of the world’s best restaurants, even more than Tokyo. Food is also incredibly cheap. It costs about $24 for two people to eat in Bangkok, that’s about ₦11,000.

New York City in the US has the most Michelin-star restaurants in the world, 452. five of the world’s best restaurants are in New York. Meals are very expensive. It costs about $100, that’s ₦46,000 for two people.

Phuket, Thailand is the fifth-best city for foodies in the world. It has just 47 Michelin-star restaurants, but Phuket has over 34,000 restaurants (more than any city on the list) and meals cost less than $20.

Cape Town, South Africa is number 91 on the list, and it has three of the world’s best restaurants.

Marrakech, Morroco also has many delectable meals, and it is number 134 on the list.

Durban, South Africa is number 145.

Lagos, Nigeria is number 146.

Senegal, Dakar is rated 148.

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