September 22, 2023


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36 Authentic Mexican Recipes – Best Traditional Mexican Foods

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Authentic Mexican food goes way beyond tacos and salsa, and if you’re looking to change up your weeknight dinner routine, then traditional Mexican recipes are a great option. From chilaquiles to empanadas to fajitas, the best Mexican food is tasty, spicy and oftentimes very easy to prepare. Maybe you’re looking to add some new Crockpot recipes to your repertoire. Perhaps you’re seeking some fun vegetarian dinner ideas. Whatever the case, these Mexican dishes are sure to satisfy the whole family (including even the pickiest eaters).

While Tex-Mex recipes are always crowd-pleasers, they’re not exactly authentic Mexican dishes you’d find south of the border. Traditional Mexican cuisine typically relies on indigenous staples like beans, chili peppers, and corn, and you can almost always expect a decadent sauce on the side, such as mole or pico de gallo. And if you’re looking for street food-inspired dinners or comfort food recipes, then you’ll find endless options with Mexican cuisine, including hearty stews and cheesy enchiladas. These Mexican recipes make great appetizers, lunches, and dinners all year round, whether you’re into seafood, chicken, veggies, or just want all the cheese. Grab some tortillas and get ready to feast!

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